Software installation

  1. Vote 1Ubuntu Upgrades 16.04 LTS -> 18.04.1 LTS does not update the pre-installed ID-card software.
  2. Vote 5An error "ID Updater package is required" during software installation.
  3. Vote 2Errors „Insert Smart Card“ and „No Certificates Available“ upon authentication and digital signing, while DigiDoc3 client displays an error „No card found“
  4. Vote 2An error: Installation directory must be on local hard drive
  5. Vote 1List of latest ID-software component versions
  6. Vote 2Estonian ID-software for macOS users is distributed through Apple App Store
  7. Vote 5Nothing happens when I double-click on ID-card software installation package (Windows)
  8. Vote 3ID-updater error: Downloaded package integrity check failed
  9. Vote 1Error: "Service 'Certificate Propagation' (CertPropSvc) failed to start"
  10. Vote 3Operating systems supported in different ID-software versions
  11. Vote 5ID-software versions support period (life cycle)
  12. Vote 2Where can I download ID-software and which operating systems are supported
  13. Vote 3ID-card support in Windows 8 RT
  14. Vote 5ID-card software minidraiver in Windows Update
  15. Vote 3Error: "Service 'Smart Card' (SCardSvr) failed to start" during ID-card software installation in Windows 8
  16. Vote 2Error: "Could not open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions"
  17. Vote 1Error: "Service Smart Card (ScardSvr) Could not Be Stopped"
  18. Vote 3Why and how to update eID software?
  19. Vote 2Installing, upgrading and removing ID-card software in Ubuntu
  20. Vote 1Windows: software installation ended prematurely with "Fatal error (8x0070643)", "Unspecified error (0x80072f19) etc.


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