Using an ID-card as a customer card

An ID-card can be successfully used as the customer card of a company. The servicing personnel are saved from a great deal of fuss in relation to ordinary magnetic cards and using the ID-card as a customer card is also a lot more convenient for the clients. Furthermore, such customer cards are almost always carried by the clients.

For a business, implementing the ID-card as a customer card is useful in many ways. Firstly, the activities related to ordinary magnetic cards (ordering the cards, configuring the software for using the magnetic cards, etc.) are no longer needed. There is no more need to have clients who are applying for the card fill in forms that the employees of the company have to electronically enter in the system afterwards.

The personal data file can be electronically read from the ID-card. The information contained therein is sufficient for most service undertakings who service their clients in shops, service points, information points, etc. This information can be automatically read from the ID-card which means that the transfer of such information to the client base of the company can be fully automated.

For the client, using the ID-card as a customer card saves a great deal of time. Becoming a customer of the company only takes a few seconds until the data from the card has been read and entered in the client base of the company. Other data may be requested from the customer on the website of the company where ID-card support can be added for customers. The ID-card is therefore viable as a customer card that the customer can use in the servicing undertaking and on the website of the servicing undertaking.


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