Suspending Mobile ID certificates

If your mobile phone was lost or stolen, contact your mobiel operator as soon as possible and suspend your Mobile ID certificates or cancel the Mobile ID service.

With suspended certificates you can neither digitally sign nor perform any other online operations.

You will receive a email to your address notifying your Mobile ID certificates being suspended.
After receiving this notification, you have two further options:

  • If it was your decision to suspend the certificates (e.g. you lost your phone), you may want to reactivate the certificates in the customer service point of your mobile operator.
  • If you were issued a new SIM card and now want to activate new Mobile ID certificates, you need to cancel your old Mobile ID certificates at .

A new Mobile-ID SIM card is issued by the mobile operator. You need to provide your ID card to prove your identity.

  • Elisa Eesti AS customer service: +372 6600 600
  • Telia Eesti AS customer service: +372 6397 130
  • Tele2 Eesti AS customer service: +372 686 6866


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