What information can be read from ID-card if someone steals it?

If the person, who steals/finds an ID-card, does not know its PIN/PUK codes, it is possible to read exactly the same information that is visibly printed on the ID-card (name, personal code and date of validity), except the picture and the handwritten signature.

If that person also has PIN/PUK codes, it is possible to use e-services and give digital signatures on behalf of the cardholder unless the cardholder has found the card missing and has suspended the certificates.

If you find your card missing, we strongly advise to immediately suspend the certificates by calling 1777 or +372 677 3377 from abroad.
Suspended certificates can be resumed in a citizenship and migration bureau of Police and Border Guard Board.
After certificates have been suspended the ID card still remains valid as the physical identity document. That means even with suspended certificates, the ID card can still be misused . To prevent misuse of the lost/stolen ID card, the cardholder should immediately notify the issuer of the document, i.e. Police and Border Guard Board. 
After the ID card has been recognized as invalid, its certificates cannot be reactivated, meaning this ID card cannot be used anymore. The cardholder will have to apply for a new identity document.


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