NDigiDoc is a software library based on the .NET framework, that provides encryption and decryption functionality for data files in compliance with the XML-ENC standard and enables the addition of this functionality to Windows applications.

Encryption operations are supported only by software tokens, and the encrypted files are created in the ENCDOC-XML file format (.cdoc extension).

.NET framework version 3.5 or newer is necessary in order to use the NDigiDoc library.

NDigiDoc library documentation (.PDF) 

Support start End of new developments Support end Extended support  
2012 03.2015 (v3.9) 03.2016 - Additional information

The package contains binary and source codes, command line utility and documentation.

Version Released Release notes Download
3.9 01.07.14
  • Compression functionality during CDOC encryption process is deprecated, by default the data is never compressed.
  • Added support for encrypting/decrypting BDOC documents.
    • Added BDOC mime-type "application/vnd.etsi.asic-e+zip" for encryption to MimeType.cs
    • Removed conversion of the decrypted data to UTF-8 in CDoc.Decrypt(X509Certificate2 privateKey) method, changed the method's return type to byte[].
1.0 07.2012 First release






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