In Windows 8 and 8.1 Metro view it is not possible to issue a digital signature online with Internet Explorer.

When accessing an online service (for example an internet bank, the portal etc.) with Internet Explorer through the grid menu, signing with the ID-card fails in the browser.

This version of Internet Explorer does not support digital signing and the developers of the ID-card software are today unable to insert a module necessary for signing.

Depending on the online service the error message displayed upon signing may differ and it may also contain different recommendations for solving the problem, however none of these will actually rectify the situation.

As a solution, the Internet Explorer available at the desktop view should be used for signing with the ID-card. To do that:

- click on the click on the wrench icon and choose "View on the desktop

Using the ID-card for authentication when accessing online services will not result in errors.

Example of an error message displayed when attempting to sign a payment order on the website of SEB bank.



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