Signing with Finnish ID-card and verification of signatures in DigiDoc4 client

DigiDoc4 client can be used to verify signatures generated by Finnish ID-card in BDOC or ASiC-E format. No additional configuration is necessary.
Additionally, Windows op. systems users can also digitally sign in DigiDoc4 client using a Finnish ID-card. The following steps:

  • download and install  Finnish ID-software (middleware);
  • make sure, that you are using latest Estonian eID software. Latest version is always available on this url:;
  • launch DigiDoc4 client and in order to continue with signing, click "Sign with ID-card" and follow the instructions displayed by DigiDoc4 client;
  • NB: The signature with Finnich ID-card has an AdES/QC signature level, therefore it does not meet eIDAS highest signature level requirements. It means that the signature with Finnish ID-card in Estonia is not proportional to the signature of a self-handed person. The corresponding signature will be displayed in DigiDoc client as follows: valid (Restrictions)
  • you can only sign or add your signature to files in BDOC or ASiC-E format.


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