What is Mobiil-ID?

Mobiil-ID is your digital identity card and it is always with you on your mobile phone.

Mobiil-ID enables you to enter web portals, use e-services, make payments and transactions, provide digital signatures and take part in electronic voting. In addition, you can also gain access to various applications – for example, you can make bank transactions from your smart device conveniently wherever you are. Mobiil-ID helps you to run both private and business errands.

Introductory video about Mobiil-ID

  • Mobiil-ID is convenient
    • It works on your mobile phone, tablet and computer.
    • Both smart phones and regular phones are compatible.
    • You can use it in any place with mobile reception both in Estonia and abroad.
    • You can carry out various operations as fast as or even faster than with an ID-card, PIN calculator or a password card.

  • Mobiil-ID is simple
    • The only thing you need to use it is your mobile phone that you have with you most of the time.
    • Use Mobiil-ID in your smartphone without a card reader, password card, and PIN calculator.
    • To use Mobiil-ID you need to know your PIN1 and PIN2 codes. 


  • Mobiil-ID is secure
    • Mobiil-ID is nationally recognised.
    • In case of Mobiil-ID, the issuer of a document follows the same requirements in terms of checking the identity as when issuing an ID card.
    • Mobiil-ID is issued pursuant to the Identity Documents Act. Mobiil-ID also complies with the Digital Signatures Act.
    • Using Mobiil-ID is secured by PIN codes.
    • Data exchange between your mobile phone and the e-service environment is performed over an encrypted connection.


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