Mobiil-ID is used for authentication in various e-services. It is essential that you follow the simple rules and advice when using Mobiil-ID as this is the only way to ensure the secure use of e-services.

Using the Mobiil-ID for e-services

  1. The website that you wish to enter will ask for your phone number and/or personal identification code and/or the username related to the e-service


  1. Verification code is displayed on the website


  1. An authentication message will be sent to your phone and the service name and verification number will be displayed on the screen of your phone


  1. If the service name is correct and the verification number corresponds to the number displayed on the website of the service, it is safe to press OK.
  1. You will then have to enter your PIN.


For secure use of the Mobiil-ID, it is essential that:

  • The service name displayed on the screen of your phone correspond to the e-service or website that you wish to enter with Mobiil-ID;
  • The verification codes on the website of the service and in the phone match;
  • The PIN1 be requested for authentication and PIN2 only be requested for signature.

Observing the correct use of personal PINs is essential. Only enter the PIN if you are certain that the message has been sent to you by the e-service that you wish to enter.

It is also essential that strangers do not gain access to your PINs. For this purpose, it is recommended to keep the Mobiil-ID PIN and PUKs separate from the phone. Never hand over your Mobiil-ID PIN and PUKs if you lend your phone to an acquaintance!

Dangerous situations

It may happen that malicious persons try to abuse your lack of knowledge. NEVER enter your PIN if you receive a message asking you to enter your PIN and you have not previously requested to use the respective e-service!

If you do not react to such messages, you need not fear that someone gains access to your PIN(s) or can use the e-service on your behalf. You and your Mobiil-ID PINs remain protected and secure!

If you have lost your Mobiil-ID PINs, you must address your mobile telecommunications operator immediately and request that the service be closed!

  • Elisa customer service: +372 6600 600
  • EMT customer service: +372 6397 130
  • Tele2 customer service: +372 686 6866


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