Nokia Lumia 925 (Windows Phone 8.1) usage specialities

When using Nokia Lumia 925 (with Windows Phone 8.1) with Mobiil-ID, there are some specialities that should be taken into consideration:

  • When the screen lock is on during Mobiil-ID transaction, then there will be a notification about Mobiil-ID control code in the top part of the screen. After pressing on the notification it's possible to enter PIN code. The notification will disappear if you dont react to it for some time and to be able to enter a PIN code you need to find the notification under "Notifications" (by sliding the black upper status bar downwards).
  • If your screen lock has a password then the Mobiil-ID notification will be displayed after entering a password.
  • If for some reason the phone was just turned on, then the Mobiil-ID will start working (and display control codes) in about 3 minutes starting from the time the phone PIN code was entered. 


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