What is the meaning of the error message ‘Monthly limit for free digital signatures has been exceeded on this IP address’?

All users of ID-cards, Digi-ID, or mobile-ID can give a limited number of digital signatures for personal purposes in a month. The limit complies with a realistic perception and no so-called regular users should exceed the limit. The restrictions only apply to signatures given with the DigiDoc4 Client, or for signing documents. Signatures for e-services (internet banks, eesti.ee, etc.) are not subject to the restriction. 

Every IP address can use a limited number of digital signatures in a month. Upon exceeding the limit, a person must wait for the next month for the counter to be reset or enter into a contract with their service provider for a digital signature time-stamping service. One such service provider is, for example, SK ID Solutions AS. Clients may also use other service providers who comply with the eIDAS requirements. Public task establishments may turn to the Information System Authority to be given the necessary access.

Only signatures for personal purposes are free of charge. If the DigiDoc4 software is used for business purposes, clients must conclude a contract with a time-stamping service provider.

How do give further signatures?

The system resets the counter to zero on the first day of each calendar month; each new month allows to give new signatures. If you wish to digitally sign a larger number of documents, then you must order time-stamping from a relevant service provider. For example, the SK time-stamping service can be ordered from https://www.sk.ee/en/services/time-stamping-service

RIA mediates to public task establishments with a time-stamping service that requires a cooperation agreement with RIA.

On average, a so-called regular person signs less than 10 documents a month for personal purposes. Thus, the restrictions will not affect most people. If you are, for example, a small business owner or use digital signing services on a daily basis and wish to exclude all restrictions for digital signatures and for free, then we recommend you use the signature web service at www.eesti.ee.

An instruction on setting up the DigiDoc3 and DigiDoc4 Client is available here: LINK

What is time-stamping?

  • Time-stamping is used in many fields, including digital signing, to verify a document or a signature at some point of time.
  • A time stamp is like an envelope that includes data and a ‘sealed’ date of entering the data. To modify data, one must break the seal, enabling to detect whether data have been modified. Time-stamping is used on the same principle as digital signing.


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