Electronic signature confirmation sheet and how to print it out in DigiDoc4 Client

The confirmation page shows information about signed files and signers.

NB! Presented print summary is informative in which the information provided confirms the existence of the file with given value of the hash. The print summary itself does not retain verification of proof. Declaration of will of the signing parties can be verified only through digitally signed file.

By default, the confirmation sheet printout is turned off in DigiDoc4 Client. 

To activate the feature of the confirmation page, proceed as follows:

  • Launch DigiDoc4 Client
  • Select "Settings" at the top right corner
  • Check "Show print summary" option


  • Sign a document or open a signed container
  • Select "Print summary" from the bottom of the DigiDoc4 Client

  • In the "Print Preview" window that opens, select "Print"
  • NB! The "Print" options and attributes depend on the operation system and of the selected application.


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