NB! The DigiDocService web service will be replaced with the new Mobile ID REST API 2019/2020. New entrants will be able to join the Mobiil-ID REST API from June 2019, and will no longer be allowed to join the DigiDocService service.

DigiDocService is a SOAP-based web service with the aim of facilitating as simple as possible verification of digital signing and signatures and linking of the Mobiil-D functionality with other information systems. The service can be used in various development environments/platforms that come with SOAP 1.0 RPC-encoded support.

Functionalities offered by the service:

  • Personal identification with Mobiil-ID
  • Certificate validity verification (identification using an ID-card or another smart card)
  • Creation of DigiDoc files
  • Digital signing with Mobiil-ID
  • Digital signing with the ID card (and other smart cards)
  • Verification of the content and signatures of digitally signed files (DigiDoc).

The service uses the SOAP 1.1 protocol with RPC and ‘encoded’ encoding. The service may be used by directly following the DigiDocService protocol or using one of the client interfaces.

Access to the service is granted based on the IP address and in order to use the service, the user will have to enter into an agreement with SK ID Solutions. The cost of using the service is calculated from the number of authentications made and signatures given via the service (the received validity verifications).

Ordering access to the DigiDocService web service

You are able to order access to the DigiDocService web service on the website of SK at www.sk.ee. Granting access to the DigiDocService is based on IP address and the service is provided on the same bases as the OCSP validity verification service.


Development activities, testing and initial trials may also be conveniently performed in our testing environment, which also includes the DigiDocService. All the offered services can be accessed in the testing environment. More information.


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