IDUtil allows using the ID-card above all for registration of autonomous guests, for example in the composition of a PowerPoint presentation or on a website. But the areas of application are not limited to the aforesaid and the module could be used for any Windows environment application for registering citizens. Personal identification takes place by means of the personal data file that can be freely read on the ID-card and the ID-card holder will not have to enter the PIN to use it.

The software is free of charge for downloading and using for everyone.

The software (IDUtil) is provided on the basis of the ‘as is’ principle. The producer of the software (IT Grupp) will assume no liability for any consequences arising from the use of the software. The software has been written diligently, but the producer cannot guarantee that is free of errors. Any further developments and bug fixes do not form a part of the software, but they can be additionally ordered from the producer. Download the IDUtil. NB! IDUtil does not support ID cards issued since 2011.


Instead of the IDUtil component, it is also possible to use the command line program ‘eidenv’, which is distributed in the composition of the new ID-card software. Analogically to the IDUtil, it allows reading the personal data file from the ID-card, including for ID-cards issued since 2011.

After installation of the ID-software accessible at the website, the program is by default installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Estonian ID Card\ folder (for Windows operating systems). Linux users can find eidenv at location /usr/bin/eidenv.

The help information of the program is displayed by executing the program with the ‘-h’ key.

NB! Starting from ID-software v3.12 these programs are not distributed anymore. 

Eidenv application is being distrubuted within OpenSC project which can be downloaded from here.


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