DigiDoc4j is a new Java library for digital signing, replacing the JDigiDoc Java library. 

Digidoc4j uses European Commission managed SD-DSS software library as a base library. 

All the information related to the digital signing library has been gathered to the project homepage in GitHub environment - https://github.com/open-eid/digidoc4j.  Library source code and commit history are also available in GitHub environment.  Important library versions have been tagged with relevant source code tags and published as binary packages. Completed and planned development works are described in Pivotal environment. 

Digidoc4j library supports:

  • ASiC-E XAdES/BDOC 2.1 format (BDOC with time-stamp and BDOC with time-mark)
  • DDOC format (by using JDigiDoc base library)

CDOC support in DigiDoc4j library has not been decided. For now, it is possible to handle CDOC documents by directly using the JDigiDoc base library that is included in DigiDoc4j distribution. 

DigiDoc4j documentation and use case examples can be found in JavaDoc document

Support startEnd of new developmentsSupport endExtended support 
12.2014---More info


Every new version will include source code packages, command line utility, compiled .jar file and documentation in JavaDoc format. 

VersionPublishedChangesDownload link can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload can be found hereDownload
1.0.731.10.2017Changelist can be found hereDownload
1.0.603.07.2017Changelist can be found hereDownload
1.0.525.10.2016Changelist can be found hereDownload
1.0.407.07.2016Changelist can be found hereDownload
1.0.305.05.2016Changelist can be found hereDownload can be found here Download
1.0.0 11.2015Changelist can be found here Download



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