Below you can find descriptions of all the changes and additions that have been made in different versions of the service.

Version Published Changelog
  14.04.2016 The only supported HTTP protocol versions are 1.0 and 1.1
2.5.1 29.02.2016
  • SHA-256 hash algorithm is always used when signing OCSP responses. (OO-73)
  • Fixed an error that, in certain circumstances, caused OCSP request failures when using HTTP GET method. (OO-11)
 2.5  16.02.2016
  • SHA-256 hash algorithm is used when signing SK OCSP RESPONDER 2011 responses. (OO-52)
  • The OCSP service’s certificate is now included in the OCSP responses. 
 2.5  18.12.2015
  • Improved the service’s ability to restore database connection automatically in case of network errors. (OO-20)
  • Fixed an error that caused the service to respond with a revoked certificate’s expiration time instead of the actual revocation time, after the certificate that was revoked had later expired. (OO-46)
  • Changed the operating system. (OO-49)
 2.4 22.10.2015  Fixed an error that occurred in case of revoked KLASS3-SK 2010 certificates and caused the service to return OCSP responses where revocationTime value did not contain correct time zone information. 




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