Avast AntiVirus antivirus software interfering with the use of e-services

Have you installed Avast antivirus software and you’re not able to enter e-services with your ID-card? The problem may be caused by antivirus program settings. For example, the “Enable HTTPS scanning” option may be activated. Follow the instructions below to resolve the problem.

  • Security software configuration: Configuring Avast AntiVirus on Windows computers

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    Step 1: Open AVAST security software

    You will find the AVAST security software in the list of programs on your computer (Programs or Applications), and you should see the antivirus program icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it!

    Step 2: Open Settings

    Once you have opened the AVAST security software, find the Menu option, and navigate to Settings – you will find it at the top of the screen next to the icon with three dashes.

    Step 3: Open Protection

    On the left submenu, click on the Protection tab, then find Core Shields and Configure Shield Settings on the Web Shield option next to it.

    Step 4: adjust the settings

    Uncheck “Enable HTTPS scanning” and “Enable QUIC/HTTP3 scanning”, then click OK.

    Now you should be able to access e-services with your ID-card.

  • Security software configuration: Configuring Avast AntiVirus on macOS computers

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    Step 1: open AVAST security software

    You can find AVAST security software from the list of programs on your computer (‘Programs’ or ‘Applications’). You should also be able to see it in the upper right corner next to the WiFi marking on macOS computers. Double click on the AVAST logo or select ‘Open Avast’ from the drop-down menu in order to launch the software.


    Step 2: open ‘Preferences’

    Once you have opened AVAST Security settings, locate the option ‘Preferences’ from the vertical menu on the left and click on it.


    Step 3: locate ‘Web shield’

    This opens a window. Press the ‘Settings’ button next to ‘Web shield’.


    Step 4: adjust the settings

    Uncheck the ‘Scan secured connections’ box and click on the ‘Done button.


    You should now be able to successfully use your ID-card.

  • Security software: why do I have to disable the HTTPS security scan?

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    Disabling the HTTPS security scan is necessary because security software (i.e. antivirus) creates its own certification service (CA) if the security scan is enabled and hides the server’s SSL in the certification service. As a result, the authentication of the SSL client will no longer reach the web browser.  Unfortunately, the cause of the error lies in the antivirus architecture, which cannot be changed by the software developer.

    In order to use ID-cards in computers with security software, you need to adjust the security software settings.