Configuring ESET security software for using an ID-card

Are you experiencing any problems using DigiDoc4 or entering e-services using the ID card, and have ESET security software installed (e.g. ESET SmartSecurity or ESET NOD32)? Antivirus program settings may interfere with the use of ID-card – follow the instructions below and the problems should be resolved!

Step 1: open ESET security software

You’ll find the ESET security software (e.g. ESET SmartSecurity or ESET NOD32 Antivirus) in your computer’s list of programs (Applications or Programs). Click on the program name or icon to open it.

Step 2: open settings

The easiest way is to open ESET settings with a shortcut key – F5. You can also find “Advanced setup“ in the menu.

Step 3: look for the option “Web protocols“

In the settings window, look for the option WEB PROTOCOLS and check whether you see such a setting by “Enable HTTPS checking“. If necessary, click the dropdown menu/field by this row and change the settings so that they match the example:

Step 4: confirm changes

Once the settings match the screenshot, click OK.

The antivirus software will now no longer interfere with the use of the ID-card.

  • Security software: why do I have to disable the HTTPS security scan?

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    Disabling the HTTPS security scan is necessary because security software (i.e. antivirus) creates its own certification service (CA) if the security scan is enabled and hides the server’s SSL in the certification service. As a result, the authentication of the SSL client will no longer reach the web browser.  Unfortunately, the cause of the error lies in the antivirus architecture, which cannot be changed by the software developer.

    In order to use ID-cards in computers with security software, you need to adjust the security software settings.


What if this didn’t solve the problem?

If the problem wasn’t solved, restart your computer and try again. Also, check whether the same problem occurs with other browsers. If necessary, update your ID-software and browser settings. Also don’t hesitate to contact ID-helpline.