Configuring Kaspersky Security antivirus program for using an ID-card

Have you installed Kaspersky antivirus programs and you’re not able to enter e-services with your ID-card? The problem may be due to the Kaspersky settings – read the instructions below to resolve the problem.

If you have installed Kaspersky antivirus and you’re not able to enter e-services with your ID-card (such as online banking), make sure that the "Always scan encrypted connections" or "Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components" option is not enabled.

Configuring Kaspersky antivirus software:

Step 1: open Kaspersky antivirus software

You can find it in Programs or Applications. Double-click the Kaspersky Internet Security icon to open it.

Step 2: open Settings

After opening the program, click the gear icon (Settings) in the lower-left corner.

Step 3: look for the right settings and adjust.

Click on "Network settings".

Make sure that the option "Do not scan encrypted connections" is activated by “Encrypted connections scanning”. If some other option is selected, make the corresponding change and "Save" and close Kaspersky  using the X button on the right margin.

Now it should be possible to enter e-services using the ID-card.

  • If there is no such option: “Network settings – do not scan encrypted connections”

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    If this option is not available in the application settings, you are probably using another application from Kaspersky. For example, instead of "Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows" or "Kaspersky Internet Security", you are using the usual "Kaspersky Antivirus" software.

    In this case, we recommend temporarily disabling or turning off this program. If you encounter any difficulties in configuring it, please contact the support of the manufacturer of this software by visiting

  • Security software: why do I have to disable the HTTPS security scan?

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    Disabling the HTTPS security scan is necessary because security software (i.e. antivirus) creates its own certification service (CA) if the security scan is enabled and hides the server’s SSL in the certification service. As a result, the authentication of the SSL client will no longer reach the web browser.  Unfortunately, the cause of the error lies in the antivirus architecture, which cannot be changed by the software developer.

    In order to use ID-cards in computers with security software, you need to adjust the security software settings.


This didn’t resolve my problem

If the problem wasn’t solved, restart your computer and try again. Also, check whether the same problem occurs with other browsers. If necessary, update your ID-software and browser settings. And don’t hesitate to contact ID-helpline.