Configuring Safari for using ID-card

To use the ID-card on the Safari browser, you will need the necessary web components installed on your computer: software package can be downloaded from the install ID-software page.

Then you will have to allow use of the Token Signing plug-in in Safari. By default, it is not allowed.

If you have problems using the ID-card with Safari (for example, you are unable to access e-services or give digital signatures etc.), the problem is probably in the Safari settings. Luckily, this problem is easily solved.

Our step-by-step instructions will allow you to easily and conveniently verify that all of the plugins you will need to use the ID-card are allowed in Safari. Be sure to watch the video tutorial.

Allowing Safari plug-ins

NB! You can save and install the newest ID-software and the required web components from the Install ID-software website.

Step 1: open Extensions in Safari

Open the Safari menu in the Safari web browser and select Safari Extensions.


NB! In older versions of Safari, you can find this plugin under Preferences 🡪 Websites. If this is also the case in your web browser, you should definitely update it – even if token signing can be permitted and the ID-card starts working.

Step 2: open the Extensions tab

This opens the extensions window – find the Extensions menu link with the puzzle icon in the upper menu and click on it. Then check that Token Signing (link with the iD icon) in the left-hand menu is ticked.


Step 3: check that everything is working

After you have permitted the Token Signing plugin, you should be able to use your ID-card with Safari. If necessary, restart your computer and try again.

However, if the ID-card still doesn’t work, check that DigiDoc4 reads your data correctly – maybe the problem lies in the card or the card reader. You can always use another web browser as well (e.g. Firefox) or contact ID-help.

Video instruction for installation of Safari plugins

Are you using a Safari web browser that hasn’t been updated?

Unfortunately, giving a digital signature in the new Safari (from version 12.0) is not possible if the macOS versions used are 10.12.6 and 10.13.6. You should certainly update your operating system and web browser and make sure that the newest version of the ID-software is installed on your computer; as you can see, Components of authentication and signing with ID-card in web must be separately downloaded and installed.

The Safari Extensions window appears on the screen at the end of the installation and you have to tick Token Signing. NB! This option is not automatically ticked.


Now, you should have the newest software as well as the option to use e-services with your ID-card!