Decrypting encrypted documents with RIA DigiDoc app

RIA DigiDoc makes it very easy to open, unscramble or decrypt encrypted documents.

NB! Documents are only decrypted with an ID-card, check that your ID-card is connected to the smart device. You can read about the supported card readers in the version information of the RIA DigiDoc application.

Step 1: Save the file

Start by saving the encrypted document envelope to your smartphone or cloud (iCloud, Drive, etc.).

For example, encrypted documents arriving as an e-mail attachment: save them to a convenient place so that you can easily find the files you have saved.

Step 2: Open RIA DigiDoc app

When the necessary files are saved, open the RIA DigiDoc app on your smartphone and select CRYPTO” from the bottom menu.

Encrypting and decrypting documents is in the same place: click the „CHOOSE FILE” button in the middle of the screen.

Step 3: Decrypting

You will now be offered the option to unscramble the document envelope: click the „DECRYPT” button.

  • If your ID-card is connected to a smart device and your information is shown on the screen, you must enter PIN1 of your ID-card to unlock the encryption.
  • If the ID-card is not connected or RIA DigiDoc is unable to read the card data for any reason, you will see an error message on the screen. Try re-inserting the ID-card into the reader and connecting the reader to your smart device.

Step 4: Ready

If decryption was successful, the documents are now ready to open and use: click on the file name or save the open files to your phone or cloud.