DigiDoc libraries: overview

DigiDoc libraries can be used to create DigiDoc-compatible applications.

Java library: digidoc4j

  • DigiDoc4j is a Java library for digital signing, which is designed to replace the existing JDigiDoc Java library.
  • The digidoc4j base library is the SD-DSS software library managed by the European Commission.

Java library for encryption:  cdoc4j

  • Cdoc4j is a Java library for file encryption and decryption, which is designed to replace the encryption and decryption function of JDigiDoc Java library.
  • The use of CDOC 1.1 - AES-256-GCM, RSA and EC recipients is supported (and recommended)

Multi-platform C++ library libdigidocpp

  • designed to replace the libdigidoc C-library and Windows COM library used since 2002, the independent use support of which was discontinued in 2015.
  • Both ASiC-E XAdES, i.e. BDOC 2.1 signature format and DDOC (wrapper, using the SiVa validation service) are supported.

Digidoc libraries and file format supported therein

Supported formats – life cycles of different container formats.

End of new developments – technical solution amendment proposals and applications for additional functions are no longer accepted and only critical errors are fixed.

End of support period – development work is no longer performed and new versions are no longer issued; the developer support ends.

Library Supported formats Start of support period End of new developments End of support period
digidoc4j –  java library BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC* December 2014 - -
cdoc4j –  java library for encryption CDOC 1.1 - AES-256-GCM, RSA ja ECC January 2018 - -
JDigiDoc – a library for Java applications 
NB! No longer supported
BDOC-TM, DDOC, CDOC 2003 June 2015 June 2016
libdigidocpp –  multi-platform C++ library BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC* December 2013 - -
NDigiDoc – a library for encryption an decryption in .NET applications
NB! No longer supported
CDOC 2012 March 2015 (v3.9) March 2016
cdigidoc –  multi-platform C-library 
NB! No longer supported 
DDOC, CDOC 2002 December 2014 (v3.10) December 2015
COM library for use on Windows platform 
NB! No longer supported
DDOC 2002 August 2013 (v3.7.2) August 2015

*The signature format is supported via base library.