DigiDoc libraries: overview

DigiDoc libraries can be used to create DigiDoc-compatible applications. 

Java library: digidoc4j  

  • DigiDoc4j is a Java library for digital signing, which is designed to replace the existing JDigiDoc Java library. 
  • The digidoc4j base library is the SD-DSS software library managed by the European Commission.  

Java library for encryption:  cdoc4j  

  • Cdoc4j is a Java library for file encryption and decryption, which is designed to replace the encryption and decryption function of JDigiDoc Java library. 
  • The use of CDOC 1.1 – AES-256-GCM, RSA and EC recipients is supported (and recommended)  

Multi-platform C++ library libdigidocpp  

  • designed to replace the libdigidoc C-library and Windows COM library used since 2002, the independent use support of which was discontinued in 2015.  
  • Both ASiC-E XAdES, i.e. BDOC 2.1 signature format and DDOC (wrapper, using the libdigidoc library) are supported. 

Digidoc libraries and file format supported therein

Supported formats – life cycles of different container formats.  

End of new developments – technical solution amendment proposals and applications for additional functions are no longer accepted and only critical errors are fixed. 

End of support period – development work is no longer performed and new versions are no longer issued; the developer support ends. 

Library Supported formats Start of support period  End of new developments  End of support period 
digidoc4j –  java library BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC* December 2014
cdoc4j –  java library for encryption CDOC 1.1 – AES-256-GCM, RSA ja ECC January 2018 
JDigiDoc – a library for Java applications 
NB! No longer supported
BDOC-TM, DDOC, CDOC 2003June 2015  June 2016
libdigidocpp –  multi-platform C++ library BDOC-TS, BDOC-TM, DDOC*December 2013 
NDigiDoc – a library for encryption an decryption in .NET applications
NB! No longer supported
CDOC2012 March 2015 (v3.9) March 2016 
cdigidoc –  multi-platform C-library 
NB! No longer supported 
DDOC, CDOC2002 December 2014 (v3.10) December 2015 
COM library for use on Windows platform 
NB! No longer supported  
DDOC2002 August 2013 (v3.7.2)  August 2015 

*The signature format is supported via base library.