Digital signing with Latvian and Lithuanian ID-cards

Did you know that DigiDoc4 allows you to verify digital signatures issued with the Latvian and Lithuanian ID-card as well?

Verifying Latvian and Lithuanian digital signatures

The DigiDoc4 Client makes it possible to verify signatures issued with the Latvian and Lithuanian ID-card if they are:

  • in the EDOC or ASiC-E format in Latvia
  • BDOC or ASiC-E format in Lithuania.

Your DigiDoc4 does not need to be configured additionally – the verification of the digital signatures takes place exactly as for all other documents.

Digital signing with Latvian and Lithuanian ID-cards in the DigiDoc4 Client

In computers running on Windows, DigiDoc4 can be used for digital signing with Latvian and Lithuanian ID-cards.

Step 1: install software

You will first need to download and install the country-specific software on your computer:

If you do not yet have the DigiDoc4 Client installed, download and install the ID-software.

Step 2: configure DigiDoc4

Launch the DigiDoc4 Client and open Settings in the top right corner. Then open “General“ and select the checkbox enabling signing with the Lithuanian and Latvian ID-cards.

Then close DigiDoc4 and re-open it – make sure that you have the correct ID-card in the card reader and that the card reader is connected to the computer.

Step 3: signing documents

Check to make sure that DigiDoc4 reads the ID-card data correctly and you’re ready for signing!

Good to know:

  • You can only sign ASiC-E format documents (meaning that if you are the first to sign the document, the document is saved with the .asice extension).
  • Use of the Latvian and Lithuanian ID-card in DigiDoc4 works the same way as with the use of the Estonian ID-card. If necessary, read the instructions for digital signing with DigiDoc4.
  • Note: The Lithuanian ID-card does not have a PIN2 code: enter the ID-card’s PIN1 code when prompted for the PIN2 code.