DigiDoc4 Error Message: The PCSC service, required for using the ID-card, is not working

The PCSC service required to use the ID-card is started on the computer automatically when the smart reader is connected.
If DigiDoc4 gives you the error message ‘The PCSC service, required for using the ID-card, is not working’, even after connecting the smart card reader, then you will have to start the service manually. Instructions are dependant on the operating system you are using.

Windows 8.1 and 10

  1. First, open the Start Menu and type services.msc into the search bar.
  2. Find Smart Card from the window that opens.
  3. Make sure that the following settings are correct: 
    1. the service  Status  is Started or Running
    2. the service Startup Type is Automatic

If not, double-click on Smart Card and insert the appropriate changes.

For Windows, the correctly configured Smart Card service window looks like this:

NB! If you are using ID-software over a remote desktop solution, you should make sure that the Smart Card service is working on the computer you are using to transfer the screen to the other computer!


For Linux, first try to reconnect the card reader to the computer. If the error prevails, act as follows:

  1. Start the terminal.
  2. Insert the terminal command sudo -i
  3. You are asked to insert the administrator password. Do not be alarmed; while inserting the password, the mouse cursor does not move and the password screen is not shown! If you are sure you have entered the password correctly, press ENTER.
  4. Insert service pcscd start

If starting the SmartCard service is successful, reopen the DigiDoc4 Client and check whether the data from the ID-card is now being read correctly. If everything is functional, ID-card use should once again be enabled.