@eesti.ee email forwarding settings in DigiDoc4 Client

You can configure your @eesti.ee email forwarding using DigiDoc4 Client if you have no existing @eesti.ee email forwarding configured.

If you have a @eesti.ee forwarding configured, you can use DigiDoc4 Client only to view the addresses that your email is being forwarded to. If you want to change the email aadresses, then you need to go to the portal www.eesti.ee.

To activate and view your email forwardings:

1. Launch DigiDoc4 Client.

2. Insert your ID-card to card reader and click on the section “My eID”.

3. Click on the “Redirection of eesti.ee e-mail” and then on the button “Check @eesti.ee e-mail status”.

5. Enter PIN1 in the dialogue window that opens.

6. If you have forwardings configured then you will see your official email addresses and the addresses where your emails are forwarded.

7. If you have not configured @eesti.ee forwarding, then you can add new email address.

8. Enter the email address to where you would like your @eesti.ee emails to be forwarded.

If you enter an email address in the wrong format (it must be [email protected]) then an error message will be displayed and you will be asked to correct it.

9. Click on the button Activate redirection.

10. A message will be displayed that a forwarding address activation key has been sent to the email address you entered.

11. You will receive an email to the address you just entered, containing a link for activating the email address.

If you entered an email address that you have previously used in the eesti.ee system then active email settings will be loaded automatically.

12. The link sent by email will lead you to the eesti.ee portal.

You will find more email forwarding options from the eesti.ee portal. You can forward to up to five addresses at a time.