eID symbols

Logos and other symbols of electronic identity (eID) can be used free of charge by all providers of e-services.

The visual materials of eID have been developed by the Information System Authority in cooperation with the creative agency Tank OÜ and the preparation of materials has been supported by the EU structural funds support scheme “Raising Public Awareness of the Information Society” funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

eID branding guidelines and requirements (2,53 MB, PDF, in Estonian)


eID logo

PDF (571.28 KB, PDF)Design file (1.48 MB)


eID monokroomne logo

PDF (567.79 KB, PDF)Design file (1.48 MB)

Monochrome (white)

eID valge monokroomne logo

PDF (560.99 KB, PDF), Design file (1.52 MB)

eID Signs

ID-card sign

ID-kaardi märk

PDF (281.66 KB, PDF)Design file (1.09 MB)

Mobiil-ID sign

Mobiil-ID märk

PDF (282.64 KB, PDF)Design file (1.09 MB)

eID pictograms


EIDAS märk

SVG-file (1.68 KB)


ID-kaardi piktogramm

SVG-file (1.4 KB)


pangalingi piktogramm

SVG-file (853 BAITI)


mobiil-ID piktogramm

SVG-file (6.33 KB)


smart-ID piktogramm

SVG-file (816 BAITI)

eID website pictograms

SVG-file  (2KB)

SVG-file (2KB)

SVG-file (736 BAITI)

SVG-file (745 BAITI)

SVG-file (10 KB)

SVG-file (673 BAITI)

SVG-file (673 BAITI)

SVG-file (2KB)

eID marker

eID marker

PNG (16.91 KB, PNG)Design file (1.11 MB)

Layout scheme

Design file (1.98 MB)


eID logo animation version 1 (628.12 KB)

eID logo animation version 2 (575.62 KB)