Getting rid of excess certificates

When entering e-services such as online banking, the state portal etc. on computers with multiple users, you may have to perform an extra step, which can be a nuisance. You will be shown a list of several different people’s certificates and be prompted to enter your own certificate manually each time.

Getting rid of extra certificates (and this additional step) is very simple.

  • Instructions: Removal of old certificates from Windows computers

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    When you try to log in to e-services with Internet Explorer and/or Google Chrome on computers using Windows, a dialogue window with the certificates of several users may appear on the screen. It looks something like this:

    The removal of unnecessary and confusing certificates is very easy:

    1. Open DigiDoc4 Client.
    2. Click on Settings (gear icon) in the upper tight corner of DigiDoc4 Client.

    3. Click REMOVE OLD CERTIFICATES at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Close DigiDoc4 Client.

    You will now only see the certificates of the ID-card currently connected to the computer when you log in to e-services.

    NB! Keep in mind that if multiple people continually use the same computer with their ID cards, the same procedure should be repeated to get rid of the certification option requirement when accessing e-services. Another – and more durable – option is to reinstall the ID-software by selecting: “After removing ID-card remove certificates also from computer".

    Adding installation:

    1. Make sure that all existing ID-software has been removed (uninstalled) from your computer.

    2. Download ID-software.

    3. Launch the downloaded installation package and press "Options".

    4. The options for installing the ID-software will open where the checkbox next to “After removing ID-card remove certificates also from computer” should be ticked. Then click "OK" to continue with the installation of the software as usual.

    5. After you have installed the ID-software with the certificate removal option, certificates will be deleted from your computer after you remove the ID-card: this is the best solution for anyone who shares his/her computer with several different ID-card users.

  • Instructions: Removal of old or expired certificates from macOS computers

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    If you have renewed your ID-card and encounter problems when using the ID-card, the reason may be the expired certificates that have remained on the computer and now get in the way.

    You can renew old certificates on macOS computers as follows:

    1. Open Spotlight search (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen).
    2. Type the following search word:  Terminal.
    3. Click Enter.
    4. Copy this line in to the new dialogue window that opened:
      sudo rm -rf /var/db/TokenCache/tokens/
    5. Terminal then asks you to enter the password of your computer: enter it and click Enter.
    6. It seems that nothing happens at all – don’t let this bother you! The changes were automatically saved if you did everything correctly.
    7. Close Terminal and restart your computer and your ID-card with renewed certificates, digital ID card, etc. should now work!
    8. If the error occurs again, try repeating the same process and contact ID-help if necessary.
  • Instructions: Removal of old or expired certificates from Linux computers

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    Linux does not save previously used ID-card certificates in the cache, so you should be able to use your ID-card without having to remove expired/old certificates yourself.