ID-software minidriver Windows Update

For Windows 10 and Windows 11, the minidriver component that is part of the ID-software is automatically installed on your computer the first time you connect the ID-card and the card reader to your computer.

This component allows you to log on to e-services with an ID-card (using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome). To sign in e-services, approve transactions, etc. and to use the DigiDoc4 Client, you must install the full ID-software package, which contains the necessary web plug-ins.

The first time you connect an ID-card to your computer, automatic search for Windows Update drivers must be enabled in order to obtain a minidriver for the ID-software.

For digital signing and encryption/decryption of documents, the remaining components need to be installed manually.

There are several convenient ways to install the ID-software. It's best to download ID-software through the web page: our software page checks which operating system you're using and automatically offers the software package that's right for you.