Identification with ID-cards on websites: server configurations, problem solutions, etc.

Authentication success depends on the client platform used. You can create independent authentication solutions in Windows on the basis of the ID-card CSP or use web-based authentication. This is supported by Firefox and Chrome browsers and Apache and IIS servers.

Authentication certificate validity confirmation (OCSP query)

When using an ID-card for identification, it is important to perform an ID-card authentication certificate validity check (an OCSP query).

Configuring ID-card support in IIS web server:

Configuring ID-card support in Ubuntu web server:

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ID-card and testing:

  • Ordering test ID-cards

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    Ordering test cards

    General information on test cards:

    General information on test cards:

    Test cards issued by SK:

    • test ID-card (2021);
    • test ID-card (2018);
    • test e-residency Digi-ID (2018);

    e-Seal on crypto-stick issued by SK

    NB! Keep in mind that:

    • test ID-cards can only be used in a test environment;
    • test ID-card certificates cannot be updated.

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    AIA-OCSP URL with unrestricted access can usually be found in the certificate. Each CA branch has its own URL and certificate to sign OCSP responses.

    Since 2019, a new OCSP response profile is valid for organisation certificates, which is also applied to CA certificates. With the new OCSP response, Archive Cutoff and Extended Revoked Definition solutions were taken into use Find additional information on the website of SK ID Solutions.

    NB! Older certificates might not have this in the URL certificate, in which case the URL should be found from the following list:

    Live chain service URL Test chain service URL

    Information agreed on the BDOC-TM (TimeMark) signature should not be used in the nonce field of AIA-OCSP with unrestricted access.

    NB! The validity of the certificates used for signing the responses of AIA-OCSP with unrestricted access is brief.