In the RIA DigiDoc settings, it is possible to set mobile-ID and Smart-ID service access

RPUUID or RelyingPartyUUID is a paid access service managed by SK ID Solutions AS. Additional access parameters RelyingPartyUUID or RPUUID and RelyingPartyName or service name are available in the SK e-service after signing the contract.

Why is it necessary to set the RPUUID?

All ID card and/or mobile ID, Smart-ID holders are provided with a certain number of free digital signatures per month for personal use. Only digital signatures given using the DigiDoc4 client and the RIA DigiDoc mobile application, i.e. signatures given to documents, are subject to the restriction. The restriction is applied based on the IP address of the user's computer. Each IP address is assigned a certain number of digital signatures per month. If this limit is exceeded, you have to wait until the next month, when the number of signatures is reset to zero again, or sign a contract with a service provider to create digital signatures.

To set a Smart-ID and Mobile-ID required RPUUID service access:

1. Launch the RIA DigiDoc application.

2. Click on the icon with three dots on the right-hand side.

3. In the window that opens, select "Settings".

4. Set the RPUUID in the "Access to mobile-ID and Smart-ID service" textbox. To do this, first click on the button "Use default" and then enter the required value/address into this field.