My ID-card activities

The ‘My ID-card Activities’ web service allows you to examine the authentications and digital signatures given with your ID-card, digital ID and mobile-ID. You will have to log in to use the service.

Enter the My ID-card Activities service

Once you have logged in, choose the period concerning which you wish to examine the activities. In response, all the authentications and digital signatures given in the respective period along with the exact dates and times will be displayed. The IP-address of the respective e-service is displayed with regard to the person performing the query. The certificate number shows whether your digital ID, ID-card or mobiil-ID ID certificate was used for performing the activity. In addition to authentications and digital signatures the changes of card certificate status – suspension, termination of suspension and revocation, are also reflected.

Data regarding the activities is not updated in real-time. The data will be displayed with a delay of approximately 24 hours.

If you are unable to find the authentication concerning a certain e-service, it is possible that the respective e-service does not use the validity verification service of AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus for identifying the validity information of certificates.