Not prompted for PIN1 code or certificate when entering e-services

If the ID-software (DigiDoc4 Client) successfully reads the data of the document in the card reader, but it is not possible to enter e-services, the reason for the malfunctions may be a third-party software program installed on the computer.

  • Security software: third-party software faults

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    Some software installed on your computer can sometimes interfere with the use of an ID-card. These are mostly security software solutions, e.g. antivirus programs.

    Instructions for configuring the most common security software solutions:

    It can also happen that the use of an ID-card is obstructed by some adware or malware that has installed itself on your computer without your knowledge.

    Ensure that there is no adware or malware on your computer that interferes with the functioning of your ID-card.

    The most common interferences come from:

    • Superfish Inc. VisualDiscovery (Lenovo computers)
    • Web Companion
    • AdFender
    • BitDefender Free