Only some e-services in macOS are accessible

Do you use a computer running macOS and find that only some e-services open but others do not?

This may be a case of your web browser using the wrong certificate for authentication in the e-service – you can remove this problem very easily by following the directions below.

  • Instructions: Removal of old or expired certificates from macOS computers

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    If you have renewed your ID-card and encounter problems when using the ID-card, the reason may be the expired certificates that have remained on the computer and now get in the way.

    You can renew old certificates on macOS computers as follows:

    1. Open Spotlight search (the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen).
    2. Type the following search word:  Terminal.
    3. Click Enter.
    4. Copy this line in to the new dialogue window that opened:
      sudo rm -rf /var/db/TokenCache/tokens/
    5. Terminal then asks you to enter the password of your computer: enter it and click Enter.
    6. It seems that nothing happens at all – don’t let this bother you! The changes were automatically saved if you did everything correctly.
    7. Close Terminal and restart your computer and your ID-card with renewed certificates, digital ID card, etc. should now work!
    8. If the error occurs again, try repeating the same process and contact ID-help if necessary.
  • Guidelines: Removal of incorrect certificates in macOS browser (

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    If you manage to log in to some e-services and not others, the reason may lie in a broken session saved in the cache of the website, where the certificate named was selected for authentication instead of the certificate of the ID-card.

    Make sure that the components required for authentication and signing on the web have been installed on the computer:

    Type ID-updater in to Spotlight search (in the upper right side). If the search returns results, the components have been installed. If the search does not return any results, open the ID-software installation site and install the necessary web components. Then restart your computer.

    Then open Keychain Access.

    You can do this via App Launcher or by typing Keychain Access in to Spotlight search (upper right side).

    When Keychain Access is open on your screen, write in the search box on the right-hand side.

     If the search returns results:

    • Click on the first, second, third, etc. result found.
    • Check whether any of the results are related to the e-services that you cannot log into.
    • If you find anything like this (e.g. on the image below), delete them.

    Then click on QUIT to close the browser, reopen it and you should be able to log in to e-services.