Operating systems compatible with ID-software

ID-card software works in WindowsmacOS and Linux environments. You can find additional information on ID-software versions and the operating system versions they support on the supported operating systems page.

ID-software distribution channels and software packages:


You can download the latest ID-software that is automatically compatible with your operating system on the id.ee website’s Installing ID-software page. For those who are just getting started with using their ID-card electronically, we recommend using this simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for software installation What to do if you wish to start using the ID-card.

To decide for yourself which version of ID-software to download, you may use the following links:

Apple App Store

Through the Apple App Store you can download the following ID-software for macOS:

  • The DigiDoc4 Client for using your ID-card on the computer
  • The RIA DigiDoc mobile application for iOS smart devices

Windows Update

Through Windows Update, an automatic component of ID-software, the minidriver component, is installed on your computer, which makes it possible to use online services with your ID-card.

NB! You can also open a direct link, but only through Internet Explorer: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Search.aspx?q=Estonian%20National%20ID%20Card

Software installation: which ID-software solution do I need?

ID-software and DigiDoc4:

If you wish to use an ID-card on your computer, you need ID-software that includes the DigiDoc4 Client. DigiDoc4 is required for reading data from your ID-card via a card reader, signing documents, logging in to e-services, changing PINs, etc.

It is worth knowing that macOS users must also separately download web components, without which you cannot log in to e-services via web browsers or make transactions or sign activities there. If you are a Windows user, all software components necessary for using web browsers are saved on your computer during the ID-software installation process.

RIA DigiDoc mobile application

If you use mobile-ID or wish to use, forward, open, etc. documents that are digitally signed with an ID-card on your smartphone, we recommend that you also download the RIA DigiDoc mobile application. The latest version is always available on the Install ID-software page; however, remember that you need to open the download link on the device on which you are about to install the software.

You can also download the RIA DigiDoc application directly from these pages: