RIA DigiDoc mobile application

RIA DigiDoc is a free mobile app to use mobile-ID, Smart-ID and ID-card on a smartphone.

With RIA DigiDoc, you can quickly, easily and conveniently sign documents and verify the validity of digital signatures, encrypt and decrypt documents and open, save and share files via a mobile device. All major digitally signed document formats .ddoc, .bdoc and .asice extensions are supported.

In addition to digital signing, you can use the RIA DigiDoc application to check the information and validity of ID-card certificates, change PIN and PUK codes and so on.

You can install the RIA DigiDoc mobile application on your smart device free of charge. The App Store and Google Play image links below will take you to a web page where you can download this application.

iOS devices
Version 2.6.2 (published 02.11.2023)
Supported Operating Systems: iOS 13 and newer
Android devices
Version 2.6.0 (published 15.04.2024)
Supported Operating Systems: Android 9.0 and later

Additional information:

It is definitely worth keeping the mobile app up to date – enable automatic app updates on your smart device. If you are interested, you can also read the RIA DigiDoc release notes.

NB! In order to use your ID-card in the RIA DigiDoc application, you need card reader that is compatible with your smart device. ID card does not work in the web browser on your mobile phone.

Supported card readers in Android:

ACR38U PocketMate Smart Card Reader
ACR39U PocketMate II Smart Card Reader
SCR3500 B Smart Card Reader
SCR3500 C Smart Card Reader

Supported card readers in iOS:


The RIA DigiDoc mobile application is offered by the Estonian Information System Authority.

What can the RIA DigiDoc app be used for?

Using the RIA DigiDoc app is very simple: all the information you need is displayed on your phone screen. Don't be afraid to look around on your own and try several options, even if you are not in the middle of a particular activity at the moment! Using an app doesn't “ruin” it and you can always contact the ID-helpline with your questions or find answers online from the id.ee webpage.

With the RIA DigiDoc application, you can perform almost any of the activities that you can do with the help of ID-software on your computer. For example, you can:

Who needs the RIA DigiDoc app?

It's a good idea for all mobile-ID and Smart-ID users to install the RIA DigiDoc app on their smart device, so that they can maximise their mobile-ID and Smart-ID beyond the use of e-services.

RIA DigiDoc is also a useful assistant for those ID-card users who often use a smartphone for business purposes or whose work requires continuous use of digitally signed documents.

  • The RIA DigiDoc app is an ID-software for smartphones and has both Android and iOS versions.
  • DigiDoc4 is an ID-software for use on a computer that has Windows, macOS and Linux operating system solutions.

Technical information regarding RIA DigiDoc