Service testing

ID-card testing

In order to check whether the created application, e-service or any other e-solution is working with different generation ID-cards, you should test the service with test cards.

Before using test cards, you should read the terms and conditions of test certificates and the test certification hierarchy.

Ordering test cards

General information on test cards:

General information on test cards:

Test cards issued by SK:

  • test ID-card (2021);
  • test ID-card (2018);
  • test e-residency Digi-ID (2018);

e-Seal on crypto-stick issued by SK

NB! Keep in mind that:

  • test ID-cards can only be used in a test environment;
  • test ID-card certificates cannot be updated.

Mobile-ID testing

The mobile-ID service enables you to add mobile-ID authentication or signing support to e-services and applications. More information:

Mobile-ID test numbers

Test numbers to be used in the DEMO environment according to user profile differences (for Estonian and Lithuanian mobile-ID):

Mobile-ID test service:

Other test services

It is possible to use the test services provided by SK ID Solutions in the development phase of signing or authentication solutions. The use of test services is free of charge.

Test TSL

More information on using certificate Trust Service Status Lists (TSLs)

Validity confirmation service Enables you to check the validity of a certificate in real time. Read more here (

  • The demo-OCSP service is available here: 
    • It is possible to use it with a test or real ID-card/e-Seal by loading the certificates to the test service database beforehand
    • Revision history is located here (

Smart-ID service. Enables you to add Smart-ID authentication or signature support to e-services or applications. Read more here

Timestamping service. Necessary for electronic signing when using the ASICE format. Read more

Test application for browser-based signing plugin