Signing online with Google Chrome and Panda Internet Security

Sometimes antivirus software interferes with the use of ID-cards. For example, Panda Internet Security could interfere with use of the ID-card in Google Chrome.

How do I know that it is Panda Security that is interfering with Chrome and not something else?

The first time you are using Google Chrome after installing Panda Security, a message appears in the lower right corner of the screen: chrome-token-signing.exe is an unknown application and is trying to run.


There are two ways to resolve this message: tell Chrome to Allow or Deny the Token Signing plug-in necessary for the use of an ID-card in Google Chrome. If you pressed Allow, you can continue using ID-card in Chrome as before.

If this message did not come up or you pressed Deny, the digital signing will be blocked in Chrome.

Don’t worry, you can change this later, too. Our step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.

If you remember getting this message or don’t remember it but know you have Panda Internet Security installed (search for “Panda” if necessary) and Chrome doesn’t allow you to confirm actions with an ID-card, the reason is probably in the antivirus program settingsˇ.

How to change Panda Internet Security settings to allow digital signing in Chrome?

Step 1: Open Panda Internet Security

Open Panda Internet Security and click the button with three parallel lines in the top right corner:


A dropdown menu will appear. Click on Settings.


Step 2: Open “Application Control”

Now you will see the Settings window with a vertical menu on the right. Open “Application Control“ in the menu.

Now you see a list of the applications explicitly allowed or not prohibited through Panda Security. Search the list for “chrome-token-signing.exe”. You will probably see “Deny” activated – click it on it to toggle it to “Allow”.

NOTE: Panda Security settings doesn’t have a Save button: all changes are saved automatically so you can just close the window after allowing Token Signing.


This didn’t resolve my problem

If this didn’t solve the situation, restart your computer and check whether Token Signing plug-in use is still allowed in Panda Internet Security settings (“Allow”). If it is, yet the ID-card still doesn’t work in Chrome, try using the ID-card with a different browser or contact ID user support.