The signing and authentication errors ‘Insert Smart Card’ and ‘No Certificates Available’ and the DigiDoc4 Client error ‘No ID-card found’

Sometimes, the Estonian ID-card driver (the Windows  minidriver) may not be properly installed on the computer. You can recognise this error if:

  • While entering online services, Google Chrome displays the errors ‘Insert Smart Card’ or ‘No Certificates Available’.
  • While using Mozilla Firefox, the bank can be accessed; however, when signing payment orders, the ‘Insert Smart Card’ or ‘No Certificates Available’ messages are displayed.
  • DigiDoc4 simultaneously says ‘No card in the reader, check that the ID-card has been inserted correctly’.
  • Pärast PIN1-koodi sisestamist kuvatakse veebilehitsejas viga:

After inserting PIN1, the following error message is displayed in the browser:   

To resolve the issue, sometimes it is enough if you insert the ID-card reader in a different USB-socket.

If that doesn’t help you, however, you can resolve the issue in the following way:

  • Open This PC/Computer 
    • The easiest way to do this is to hold down the Winkey on the keyboard and press the E key.
  • Now navigate to the location the Estonian ID-card driver is installed (C:Program FilesOpen-EID).
  • With your mouse, right click the file esteidcm.inf (which has an icon resembling a gear) and select Install.

Wait one to two seconds until a message that the task has been successfully completed comes up. After that, place the ID-card in the reader and start the DigiDoc4 Client. The application should now be able to detect the data of the document inside the card reader.