Windows: software installation ended prematurely with “Fatal error (8×0070643)”, “Unspecified error (0x80072f19) etc.

If Open-EID.exe installation ended prematurely with Fatal error 0x80070643 or Unspecified error 0x80072f19…:

… then possible reason for this is op. system inability to overwrite registry entries of previous versions Open-EID software components.

As a possible solution try this:

  • download ZIP file extract its contents somewhere, for example Desktop (updated on 10 February 2021);
  • right-click on remove_openeid.bat and choose Run as Administrator;
    • registry entries will be removed only for those accounts, who have administrator rights;
  • Command Prompt Window will be opened. Wait till it closes itself;
  • restart the computer;
  • right-click on remove_openeid.bat and choose Run as Administrator;
  • try to install Open-EID software again, should work.

IF there is still an error, then:

  • open Start menu, type there Run and press Enter;
    • Window will be opened;
  • type eID to top right corner (see screenshot) and find and copy all log files to desktop (those log files, which are created on the day you tried to install software);
  • send log files to ID helpline at (the ASK FOR HELP section in the lower right corner).