You wish to add a digital signature in RIA DigiDoc using mobile-ID

Step 1: select the file that you want to sign

Once you have launched RIA DigiDoc app, click on the “Signature” tab in the bottom menu. You will see the “CHOOSE FILE” button in the signing view. Click on it and select the files you want to sign digitally.

Step 2: do you want to sign several files at once?

If you want to add several files in one signed container, click on the “+ ADD MORE FILES” button.

Add as many files as you like – if you forward the signed container later, all of the selected files will be included in it. Once you have added all the necessary files, click on the “SIGN” button.

Step 3: add a digital signature

Once you have clicked on the “SIGN” button, you will be directed to the “Container validation” section.

The files that are included for signature are displayed under the contents of the container: make sure that everything is correct.

You can view the names of all signatories under container signatures: if you initiated the signing, only your name will be displayed there. However, if you are signing a document container that has been signed by others, the application will display the names of the people who have already added their signature to the files.

Click on the “SIGN” button only after you have double-checked that everything is in order.

Now the application will ask whether you want to sign with your ID-card or mobile-ID. Choose “mobile-ID”.

Please remember that you will be asked to enter your phone number and personal identification number upon signing with mobile-ID. Enter your details and click “SIGN”. A verification code will then appear on your phone screen, and you will be asked whether you want to sign the documents. If the verification codes matches, click “Accept”. Once completed, you need to enter PIN2 of your mobile-ID.

Step 4: save the signed document container

NB! To save the signed document container, you need to share it.

Click on the “SHARE” button and choose where you want to forward or save your digitally signed document container.

Step 5: you’re done!

This is it – once you have forwarded and/or saved the signed document container, you are done.

You can use RIA DigiDoc application for opening digitally signed documents or encrypting them for secure forwarding.