Identity documents

In Estonia, the national means of identification are ID-card, mobile-ID, digital ID, e-Resident’s digital ID, diplomatic ID and residence permit card. Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions about digital documents (please note that all valid options for ID-card also apply for digital ID, e-Resident’s digital ID, etc.) – for example, about changing your ID-card.

  • You wish for a new ID-card

    The ID-card is a mandatory identity document for all Estonian citizens. You can request one from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.
    ​If you have lost your PIN code and PUK code, you can request a new code envelope without replacing the ID-card.

  • You wish to obtain a digital ID card

    A digital identity card, i.e. digital ID, is a digital document that can be used to identify yourself and sign digitally in an electronic environment, just like an ID-card.