Knowledge base

In this section, you can find interesting background information for developers of digital services about documentation, applicable standards, e-services, Estonian e-state insignia, etc.

Last updated articles

  • ID-card documentation

    Documentation of different generations of ID-cards: applicable standards and technical documents to review before developing ID-card services.

  • DigiDoc libraries: overview

    DigiDoc libraries can be used to create DigiDoc-compatible applications. An overview of DigiDoc libraries and file formats supported therein.

  • Digital stamping

    Digital stamping means digital signing with an e-Stamp designed for legal persons. The service is offered by SK ID Solutions AS. There are two methods of digital stamping: stamping individual documents with DigiDoc4 and mass stamping with the DigiDoc4j utility program.

  • Electronic signatures and addressing them in Europe

    eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is the regulation on e-identification and e-transactions effective in the European Union, which is aimed at simplification of the use of cross-border e-services through harmonised standards and operating principles.