Mobile-ID and Smart-ID

Have you just started using mobile-ID (mID)? You have come to the right place: here you can find simple instructions for using mobile-ID to access your e-services and digital signing.

  • Errors occurred while using mobile-ID

    Using Mobile-ID is easy and convenient – follow the instructions on the screen and everything will go smoothly. However, if you have a problem with using your mobile ID, you can find help in the…

  • You wish to add a digital signature using a computer

    Digiallkirja andmine on imelihtne!
    ​Kõigepealt on sul vaja teada, millise vahendiga sa allkirja anda soovid: kas ID-kaardi või mobiil-IDga. Seejärel ava DigiDoc4.

  • You wish to start using mobile-ID

    Mobiil-ID on elektroonilistes kanalites kasutamiseks mõeldud digitaalne isikutunnistus. Saad sellega siseneda e-teenustesse, kasutada internetipanka, anda digiallkirju, kinnitada ja teostada tehinguid jne.

  • You cannot digitally sign with mobile-ID

    If you encounter errors when signing with a mobile-ID, read the error message: in most cases, you will receive the information you need to resolve the situation.

  • You wish to become a Smart-ID user

    The free Smart-ID app enables you to log in to e-services, confirm transactions and bank transfers and sign documents: its possibilities are almost as vast a those of ID-cards, digital IDs or mobile-IDs.