PIN codes and security

In order to use your ID-card (digital ID, etc.), mobile-ID or Smart-ID electronically, you need PIN codes. Make sure to change your initial PIN codes as soon as possible to those that are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. In this section you can find simple instructions for basic activities with PIN codes.

  • Mobile-ID PIN codes

    Mobile-ID PIN codes are issued with your mobile-ID SIM card. You will find the codes under the disposable surface of the SIM card cover. You will receive three codes with the mobile-ID supported SIM card.

  • My PIN is blocked (locked)

    If your PIN code is blocked, you can conveniently unlock it again with DigiDoc4 Client. For this you need your PUK code.

  • What to do if an ID-card or other digital document is lost or stolen?

    Did you discover that your ID-card is lost or stolen? First, consider whether you have used it recently and left it in a slightly different place than usual, for example, on the desk? ​How you proceed depends on how sure you are of the theft of the card.

  • PIN codes: applying for a new code envelope

    If you have forgotten your ID-card, digital-ID or other digital document PIN and PUK codes, you can order a new code envelope from the Police and Border Guard Board.