Ordering test ID-cards and test e-seals

SK ID Solutions provides various test cards for creating and testing applications based on the ID-card:

  • test ID-card (TEST of ESTEID-SK 2015)
  • test ID-card (ECC certificates, 2017.a renewal)
  • test digi-ID eResident;
  • test e-seal on a cryptostick.

The order form for test cards can be found here.

The issued test cards come with test certificates that are similar to the certificates of real cards, but digital signatures with legal force cannot be given with them as there is no actual owner of the card. Test cards cannot be used in production services.

The test certificates will be valid for 3-5 years and they are issued by TEST of ESTEID-SK 2015 (issued by TEST of EE Certification Centre Root CA). The SK test certification chain is explained in more detail here.

SK issues test cards with the name of the fictitious card holder including the characters Ä or Ž in UTF-8 encoding. This allows you to test the support of such characters in your applications.

  • MÄNNIK, MARI-LIIS, 47101010033
  • ŽAIKOVSKI, IGOR, 37101010021
  • Cøntrolina Ålt-Deletè, 48908209998 ( eResident )
  • Mâni Özer Erçetin, 36908209993 ( eResident )

Test ID-cards issued before 2015 come with the following PINs that you are able to change in the ID-card administration tool if required.

  • PIN1 – 0090
  • PIN2 – 01497
  • PUK – 17258403

eResident test cards have different PINs, you are able to change in the ID-card administration tool if required.

  • PIN1 - 5929
  • PIN2 - 54519
  • PUK - 94520597

Test ID-cards issued after 2015 have different PIN codes given together with the card.


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