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  1. Vote 0Chrome signing plugin displays "Managed by your organization" notification
  2. Vote 5SmartCardRemoval - service, which removes certificates automatically
  3. Vote 5Signing and/or encrypting e-mails with Office Outlook 2016 using SK certificates (Windows)
  4. Vote 3Open-EID administration and installation guide for admins based on ver. 19.7
  5. Vote 1Manual for enabling Google Chrome's Token signing extensions over AD GPO
  6. Vote 4Manual installation of Trust Service Status Lists (TSL) in DigiDoc client software
  7. Vote 4IIS 7.x web server usage with ID-software 3.10 and newer version
  8. Vote 4ID-card generations supported in different ID-software versions
  9. Vote 1List of latest ID-software component versions
  10. Vote 1DigiDoc file container format support cycle (life cycle)
  11. Vote 2Where can I download ID-software and which operating systems are supported
  12. Vote 3Operating systems supported in different ID-software versions
  13. Vote 3ID-software versions support period (life cycle)
  14. Vote 3Instructions for admins on global setup of the access certificate and IP based access in DigiDoc4 Client
  15. Vote 3Manual for the repair of a ddoc file in HASHCODE form
  16. Vote 5List of URL's to where ID-card software internally connects
  17. Vote 3What standard applies to ID-card? ISO-7816 T=0 or T=1 protocol?
  18. Vote 2 DigiDoc file attached to the e-mail can not be opened, or saved to the customer computer, in the OWA (Microsoft Outlook Web Access) environment. Saving will create an empty file with the size of 0 bytes.


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