DigiDoc3 Client

  1. Vote 5Electronic signature confirmation sheet and how to print it out in DigiDoc4 Client
  2. Vote 0Different levels of signatures and displaying them in DigiDoc Client
  3. Vote 2Errors „Insert Smart Card“ and „No Certificates Available“ upon authentication and digital signing, while DigiDoc3 client displays an error „No card found“
  4. Vote 5Setup of the access certificate for contractual customers of the SK ID Solutions in DigiDoc3 Client
  5. Vote 3As I open the DDOC file, I am informed of the old file format. What does it mean?
  6. Vote 4What's the difference between the digital signature formats .ddoc, .bdoc and .asice?
  7. Vote 3Useful information about smartcard readers
  8. Vote 5DigiDoc3 client error when opening a container: An error occurred while opening the document
  9. Vote 1Everything important regarding BDOC format – frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  10. Vote 2DigiDoc3 client alert: the renewal of Trust Service status List failed
  11. Vote 1DigiDoc3 client - Error 16: Error in document parsing
  12. Vote 5DigiDoc3 client displays a warning about format error while signing a document
  13. Vote 3How to identify digitally signed document's exact signing time
  14. Vote 1What is server access certificate and what means "10 free digital signatures per month for regular customer"
  15. Vote 0How to configure DigiDoc3 klient to ask every time where to save a new container
  16. Vote 4How to sign documents with ID-card in DigiDoc3 Client?
  17. Vote 1Digital signing is working correctly but after sending the signed file over internet the signature has become invalid
  18. Vote 1Is it possible to give legally acceptable digital signature with other programs?


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