• Mobile-ID users must update their ID-card software
    07.05.2019 | News, All News, Mobiil-ID, ID-software, General

    As of 5 June, the ID-card software DigiDoc4 can be used to sign documents with Mobile-ID only if the user has updated the software.

  • EMT, Elion Stores Issue New Mobile ID SIM Cards
    04.02.2015 | Mobiil-ID

    As of this week, EMT and Elion stores issue new Mobile ID SIM cards to all Mobile ID subscribers.

  • Important information for Mobile-ID users
    19.01.2015 | ID-software, Mobiil-ID

    Since 1/1/2015, the PBGB has been issuing digital identity cards in the form of Mobile-ID (Mobiil-ID) for a term of validity of up to five years. 

  • EMT Helps to Launch Mobile ID in Azerbaijan
    15.05.2013 | Mobiil-ID

  • EMT’s Mobile ID Gains 16,359 New Users in 2012
    04.03.2013 | Mobiil-ID

    EMT’s Mobile ID added 16,359 new users last year, which is a gain of almost 70 percent over 2011 (9,636 new subscriptions).

  • More Than 1,500 New Mobile-ID Users Each Month
    25.10.2012 | Mobiil-ID

    According to the Certification Center, the user-base of Mobile-ID has grown rapidly in the last quarter, as the service has gained more than 1,500 new users each month. The growth can be attributed to EMT’s campaign, which provides free subscription to the service – the subscription fee of €10, which includes the state fee, is paid by EMT on behalf of the customer.

  • Mobile payments exceed number of payments made at branches
    30.07.2012 | Mobiil-ID

    In June the number of payments made on mobile phones exceeded the number of payments made at Swedbank branches for the first time. The total number of payments made at branches in Estonia was approximately 46,000, while the number of mobile payments came to around 47,000.

  • Authentication with Mobile-ID through State Portal won the idea contest
    14.06.2012 | Mobiil-ID

    The winner of the idea contest of State Portal is Maiko Mõtsar from Põlvamaa, an employee of the Police and Border Guard Board. He received an iPad tablet as the award. Maiko Mõtsar believes that portal should help websites that require secure authentication by offering them a respective service via the Mobile-ID .

  • Digital Signing Now Possible on Android Smartphones and Tablets
    22.05.2012 | Mobiil-ID, ID-software

    Users of Android smartphones and tablets can now digitally sign documents on their devices.

  • Mobile ID is 5 Years Old Today
    06.05.2012 | Mobiil-ID, Success Story

    5 years ago today, Certification Centre Ltd. and EMT launched an innovative Mobile ID service which is used for identity verification and digital signing. Today, Mobile ID has become a state-certified document with 30,000 users.


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