Changes in ID-software verification policy


New ID-software released in January contains improvements to digital signature verification in DigiDoc containers. 

ID-software version 3.7 has an improved digital signature verification for DigiDoc containers, which also checks if datafile elements in the container have the xmlns attribute. This additional verification in version 3.7 also found some invalid DigiDoc containers, that were considered valid by older ID-software.

In the beginning of Aprile there will be an ID-software service pack release 3.7.1, which has a different behavior for the containers that are missing the xmlns attribute in <DataFile> element. Signature will be verified but its not possible to add signatures and a relevant notificataion will be displayed. 

One known source that has created these faulty DigiDoc containers without xmlns attribute is SK's DigiDocService PHP sample application (versions distributed before 2009). Specifically the Digidoc.class.php included in the sample application, whose earlier versions created DigiDoc containers without xmlns attribute. Technical information.

If your system is affected by this issue then you should start using the newest version of Digidoc.class.php (found in sample application source code) as soon as possible.

For questions and in case of problems please contact Sertifitseerimiskeskus's support at  support at sk dot ee.



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