ID-card as an identity document

ID-card is the primary identity document in the Republic of Estonia. The ID-card is a mandatory identity document for Estonian citizens and citizens of the European Union permanently residing in Estonia.

You can use the ID-card to certify your identity anywhere when required. Pursuant to law, all officials are obliged to accept the ID-card and no other documents may be demanded for the identification of a person. The ID-card may be used on the border as an identity document or for certifying your identity in a bank branch or store. In the European Union, citizens of Estonia and of the European Union are also able to use the ID-card as a travel document(NB: EU citizens that are not estonian citizens in addition to the Estonian ID-card also need to carry a document for citizenship)

Thanks to its standard credit card format, the ID-card has several advantages over a passport – it fits in the wallet along with your other cards and does not get damaged when used like paper documents often tend to.



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